BEFORE this step, be sure:

  • You have submitted a tip, complaint, or referral (Form TCR)
  • You have located a Notice of Covered Action or a Related Action eligible for an award associated with your tip and a successful CFTC enforcement action related to your tip
  • You have applied for an award using a Form WB-APP
  • You have received and reviewed the Preliminary Determination from the Claims Review Staff and taken any appropriate action to request to review the record or reconsideration of the Preliminary Determination within the allotted timeframes

What to expect NEXT:

  • The CFTC will send to you the Final Order/Award Determination regarding your award application
  • The CFTC will post a redacted Final Order/Award Determination on the website

Award Determinations

After issuance of the Preliminary Determination and evaluation of any requests for reconsideration, the CFTC will send each claimant the "Final Order of the Commission" stating whether the award application was granted or denied, and if granted, the award percentage amount.

The CFTC also will post on the website redacted public versions of the Final Orders of the Commission with the award determinations.

You can also monitor this webpage for Final Order/Award Determination publications and subscribe to updates of postings of Final Orders/Award Determinations via email or RSS.

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