BEFORE this step, be sure:

  • You have submitted a tip, complaint, or referral (Form TCR) to the Whistleblower Office
  • You have received confirmation from the Whistleblower Office that your Form TCR was received (but please email the Whistleblower Office at [email protected] if you have not received written confirmation within 14 days of your submission)

What to expect NEXT:

  • If your tip is original information that was submitted voluntarily, you may be eligible for an award
  • Applications for awards must be submitted within 90 days of (1) a Notice of Covered Action being posted, or (2) the date of an order in a Related Action

Notices of Covered Actions

After submitting a tip, complaint, or referral (Form TCR), wait for the Whistleblower Office to post a Notice of Covered Action. When the Commission obtains a judicial or administrative order that—by itself or together with judgments or orders in related Commission enforcement actions—imposes monetary sanctions exceeding $1,000,000, then the order becomes a covered judicial or administrative action upon which the Commission may pay out whistleblower awards. The Whistleblower Office will then post a Notice of Covered Action, and whistleblowers may begin applying for awards.

  • You may subscribe to receive alerts related to new postings of Notices of Covered Actions
  • You also may monitor the webpage for new Notices of Covered Actions.

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Related Actions

Whistleblowers may also be eligible for awards based on Related Actions brought by certain other entities if there is also a successful CFTC action. If another governmental authority's investigation results in a successful enforcement action, a whistleblower may be eligible for an award associated with that order.

A Related Action is a successful judicial or administrative action brought by certain other specified entities that is based on the same original information voluntarily provided by a whistleblower to the CFTC that led to the successful enforcement of a CFTC action. Those entities may include the U.S. Department of Justice (for both civil and criminal matters); other federal departments or agencies, like the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; state criminal or appropriate civil agencies; registered entities, registered futures associations, or self-regulatory organizations, like the National Futures Association; and foreign futures authorities. For more information, see Rule 165.11(a).

The CFTC will not make an award to a whistleblower for a Related Action if the whistleblower has been granted an award by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the same action under the SEC's whistleblower program.

The Whistleblower Office does not post notices for Related Actions; whistleblowers are required to monitor on their own Related Actions and the CFTC enforcement actions to determine if there is an eligible Related Action. The CFTC does not contact individual whistleblowers to alert them about Related Actions.

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